THE FUTURE OF NEWS | IxDA Challenge Finalist | 2012

This video was created as an entry to the "Future of News" Student Design Challenge, arranged by IxDA in connection with their Interaction12 conference in Dublin. It was selected as one of four winning entries that were awarded scholarships to go to Dublin for the conference.

During the two-day master class in Dublin we were given presentations by various speakers and together discussed our different approaches to the topic. I saw the Challenge as a rare opportunity to explore visions instead of designing a product or application. By not treating it as a normal design project it became a more interesting and challenging task for me personally.

For the final 7-minute pitch at the conference, I chose to focus on the potential in using physical space as a filter for news. I made the conscious choice of avoiding form and instead suggested a way of thinking about news and then explored different results that this approach could have.

Some sources of inspiration
Theories on distributed cognition:
"Knowledge and understanding doesn’t just come about inside a person, but happens in the coordination between individuals,
artifacts and the environment" (Hutchins, 1995)

Different and partly contradictive thoughts on the future and what that word means
"It's only the future if it can't be made."
(Ross Lovegrove)

”The future is already here - it's just not very evenly distributed.” (William Gibson)

The historical development of mobility (horse-train-airplane) and access to information (writing-print-radio/TV-new media), and
the consequent changes in our perception of time and space.